live. life. happily.


waking up saying alhamdulillah for every seconds of the clock ticks by because you wouldn’t know when will Allah take away your soul, returning them to Him. You wouldn’t know the time it’ll happen so never skip prayers. 5 times a day; Subuh, Zuhur, Asr, Maghrib, Isya’ + sunat prayers. and also dua, never stop seeking help. If He doesn’t give you on the present time or right in the moment, one day He’ll give it to you. He always knows what’s best for His slave, so trust Him everyday. Quran! Also never leave it alone. I, sometimes skip some days for Quran and i feel bad for myself. I need his help in grave, but why wasn’t I spare some time for him? (most cliche questions i ask myself) 😞 so make a change for yourself!


: Allah is The Merciful. He really really loves those who repent, who always say sorry and make a change, who knows sins are forbidden for you to get into Heaven, who never stop repenting. Everyday. Malu bila buat dosa, tapi jangan malu untuk memohon keampunan. Sure, people arent born to be perfect, we are human beings but apa salahnya kurangkan buat dosa dan salah dengan Tuhan, insyaAllah hati sentiasa tenang.


: Keep in touch with good vibes all around you. Avoid yourself from negative thoughts and people and always see the best in you. If they say you’re weak, show them you’re as strong as a hulk, with strong heart and mind. Never make negative thoughts become true and absorb in you. Just don’t. I’ve been there when some useless people made me feel dumber than i always thought i was. They didn’t like to see me succeed because they’re full of themselves. They’ve been so proud with the temporary intelligence and knowledge they had. BUT, that didn’t stop me from keep trying. And i’m so grateful and blessed to still have good people around me. They shared good vibes and advice to me, just to see me getting stronger. and one of my favorite counselor is this one (click me!) and also (me) and so manyy moreee, you guys know who you’re❤



: never skip your important meal; lunch, dinner, breakfast! Never skip breakfast especially (Mom always scolds me when i skip breakfast) A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired. If you’re sick, meet the doctor!! Don’t simply eat supplements which you don’t know the qualification and contents. Jangan dengar cakap orang yang take supplement easily such as makan ubat takde preskrip kesihatan! Bahaya! Just don’t get into it. Eat prescribed medicines from professional doctors💊💉 Stay healthy always by eating good and healthy food, fruits and vegetables for your roughage🍎🍑🍒🍓


: Malay says, terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya. 

Words can be sharp as swords, words can soothe anger, words can build you up. It depends on what you said. Though, think before telling what you’re going to tell to people around you so they won’t misunderstand you. Lagi lagi kalau tengah marah😠 fuh semua benda boleh keluar even benda kecik pon boleh buat gaduh. Hidup kita ni kalau sering kelahi, bila boleh bahagia? Give and take. Jangan pentingkan diri sendiri. Walaupun dia memang buat salah at least say good words to advice. You can’t mock to them just to make them change! Slow, and steady. Meaningful and power words. Learn to give and take towards each other 😇 every problem has their own solutions. 


: contohnya kalau bab makanan, kau dah muak sarap makan nasi lemak, cuba makan benda lain. for eg, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, nasi minyak, or nak diet makan roti dengan telor (tips mama tau) atau bab style tudung. Kau dah bosan atau tak boleh ikut cara tutorial yang berlambak dekat youtube tu, make your own tutorial. Pakai tudung cara kau sendiri, tapi still tutup aurat. And also fashion sekarang, baju and pants i must say. They’re buncheess of new styles!!!! nak ikut semua pun takleh gak so evaluate your worth!😃

Jangan pernah malu untuk jadi diri sendiri dan jangan pernah malu untuk cuba sesuatu yang baru, my always spiritual words to myself. So hurryy make a change! ☺✊

Oh cmon it’s 2017 already why would you put hopes on someone just to be happy for yourself?

For girls, if you’ve boyfriends, be independent. Don’t depend yourself too much on him. You might annoyed him or lose him. Both thing can happen. Remember when your life is always you and your imagination? When you’re still a kid, who makes you happy everyday? Yes, parents and sibling most importantly. Having a boyfriend is a new member to fill your heart, as companion, who will understand you and know your worth, treat you gently as he/she can ever do. But for those who don’t have one, no worries- been surrounded with best friends are also a blessing. Love your friends orait! ❤ 


: Always love yourself for who you’re!!!! if you dont love yourself, then who will? To make someone love you is to really love yourself first. You’re your own priority. You deserve to feel happiness. You deserve to be appreciated and respected so show them your worth😊 you’re diamonds, be grateful for who you’re now. It’s never late to change when you’ve wills on it. It takes time but i promise you, you’ll heal😄

here’s a song for you, by Tatiana Manois ↝ LIKE YOU.


: Always sabar no matter what difficulties you’re facing. Patience is the key for happiness 🔐

Allah will give you some obstacles, just to evaluate your patience. Sama ada awak seorang penyabar atau panas baran tu semua atas awak. Handle your problem wisely and always get on the track! 💨

Even it hurts you so bad, but remember you’ll grant pahala for being patient all the time! that’s good aye? Allah is always true right?💞

So i guess this is it, i hope all of the tips are useful to all of you!!!! I’m sorry for my words, all goods are from Allah and all weaknesses in this writing comes from me. It’s 2:30 now, had passed my bed time (do i’ve particular bad time all these months? not really sure😝)